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About Us


Sawang Box is a brand that operates under PT. Megahlestari Packindo to be the face on our social media. “Sawang” in Indonesian means “nest”; and what we’re trying to convey is people will find their desired packaging here at our place and form this community of people who is a member and produced their packaging with us.

Here at Sawang Box, we have helped thousands of small to large scale companies from 1 color design printing up until full color printing. With the emerging market of online businesses in Indonesia, people have switched to corrugated box more than ever and trusted its durability as their go-to packaging materials. We answered to that call immediately and take it as a challenge to give the best solution to business owners.


To be the foremost corrugated box company to provide access for an affordable and quality packaging and to support local businesses to create an attractive packaging design


To create a sustainable environment by introducing corrugated box as an eco-friendly packaging solution, affordable, easily accessible, highly customizable, and can be used for all types of products