Corrugated Box

What is corrugated box ?

It is the go to material when it comes to packaging chosen by many factories around the world from small to large businesses to personal use and mainly because it is stronger, versatile, professional looking and highly customizable.

Strong & Affordable

Corrugated boxes are made from high density kraft paper, each sheet consists of three layers kraft papers or more depending on your needs, that produced using high technology corrugator machine. It can be easily stacked and its strength comes from the fluting and the liner paper thickness. Raw materials in Indonesia are easily accessible, readily available and very affordable.

Versatile & Durable

With the emerging online market in Indonesia, keeping your product safe and sound during the shipment process is your number 1 priority. Corrugated box will definitely offer that safety feature and durability to make sure it gets where it has to be. It also looks more professional rather than using cheap plastic packaging or styrofoam.

Easily Customizable

Everybody has their own stories and you want to deliver a certain message to your customer. What we do is we give you the freedom to do that and be creative with your brand. You can also request your own box size to fit every need, so let your imagination run wild.

Go Green

Plastic will take years to decompose and styrofoam does not. Corrugated boxes are biodegradable and made from recycled paper. Its wastes are collectable and can be recycled to form a new milling sheet. By using this you are supporting an eco-friendly environment.